I’m well excited about this praying malarky! So I can ask for stuff and cos he’s God he’s got to give it to me! Yes! So I’m gonna ask to win  Xfactor, get a sweet car and the hottest girlfriend ever! Thanks God!


I’m sure you’ve realised that prayer doesn’t quite work like this. But God does say that we can ask him for stuff. God has a perfect plan for you and the people you know. He has good gifts waiting to give us. He’s just waiting for us to ask. But remember prayer is more about getting to know God than getting things from him. 



So I can ask for anything! But how do I know what the right stuff to ask for is? 

The more we get to know Jesus, the more we will know what the right stuff to pray for is – not just stuff we think we want. It could be help with exams, home life, health problems, anxiety... the list goes on. The stuff God wants to give you is actually more important than the latest gadget or toy.

The exciting thing is that God wants you to become a better person, more like Jesus.


Jesus went around performing miracles, showing the right way to live, healing people and inviting people to trust God. So we can pray for this sort of stuff to happen today. He encouraged them saying even mountains will be moved if we have faith. Open your mind about what you could ask for!

What ‘mountains’ or problems do you need moving in your life?

"During Christmas in 1999 my father got very ill and was rushed to hospital. He had lost mobility on one side of his body and his vision was worsening. After a scan they discovered a tumour in his brain. He couldn’t even recognise my brother and me, but my mum encouraged us to pray for him and his recovery. The amazing thing was that after many days, the tumour disappeared without having to be operated on!!!
He was healthy and well and so he started to pray for other patients in the hospital too. The doctors were so amazed at his recovery that they believed in God and the power of prayer."


Ask for help to know what to pray for yourself and those around you. Even if it seems unlikely it doesn’t mean God won’t do it. Continue to ask him to sort out the Big Issue in your life. 

“Jesus Christ, you say you have good things to give me. I ask you to work in my life and give me the things which are the best for me. I ask that in this situation [INSERT MY BIG ISSUE HERE]   that you would perform a miracle.

Thank you God, you can do this.”


Try keeping a prayer diary of the prayers you pray and write down what happens as a result of your prayers.


Can you pray about your Big Issue in a different way today?